Flower Foraging

Last week before the snow storm hit, I had the day off and Evan was at work. I got in my crazy organize-everything-I-own mode and spent the whole day going through all of our stuff, dusting bathroom fans and shelves that hadn't been dusted since we moved in (hah, whoops), and going through paperwork. It was so satisfying and I would have kept going but I ran out of stuff to organize (perks of living in a tiny space and when your parents graciously store a lot of stuff for you). I felt like something was missing, though, and I realized we needed some more greens in our apartment, especially considering the sad state of our IKEA palm. I needed to walk to school to return a long overdue book anyway, so I figured I'd bring some scissors along and sneakily snip greens along the way. I mostly clipped bundles of rosemary, red berries, and a few other bushes from the school since I didn't want to ruin anyone's personal landscaping and the school had plenty of plants anyway. I made two bouquets and they have lasted well so far!


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